iTherapeutics Pharmacy

iTherapeutics has been developed by a team of experts to provide Pharmacy staff an innovative and effective way to update their product knowledge. UnityHealth was proud to launch iTherapeutics in September 2008 to Pharmacy Stores across Australia.

By October 2015, our members had successfully completed 1,000,000 education modules on over 100 different products from 30 participating brands.

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iTherapeutics Health

Following on from our overwhelming success in Australian pharmacy stores, we are excited to launch iTherapeutics Health in 2013. This marks the beginning of high quality product education delivered to health food store staff, in a convenient online format.

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Education Modules

Each product module will generally take 20-25 minutes to complete. The modules contain a broad range of information pertaining to the product and helpful advice Pharmacy staff may wish to share directly with patients/customers. The modules are developed by the product suppliers and contain information that is in accordance with approved TGA claims and indications for that product.


The benefits iTherapeutics has delivered to participating companies are numerous including:

  • Rapid dissemination of Product Training using a reputable, independent and cost effective online training portal.

  • Accessibility of Product Modules by Pharmacy Staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Delivering consistent, high quality product training resulting in increased staff product knowledge & pharmacy sales.

  • Electronic tracking of all online activity to enable suppliers to further support pharmacy requirements to enhance the learning process.


Here's what two Marketing Managers have to say about their involvement with iTherapeutics:

Phil Lane, Marketing and Sales Manager
Healthcare MG Nutritionals.

“The iTherapeutics website, has proven to be a most effective and efficient means of accessing and educating Pharmacy Assistants and Staff on our product offering. The Training Module system is now entrenched as a vital element of our Brand positioning and recognition, and the Team at UnityHealth have been tremendously supportive in developing and moulding Training Module's that are informative, interactive and enjoyable to undertake. We congratulate them on their professionalism and insight into a medium which is in tune with the needs of us as a manufacturer, and our Retail partners.”

Tony Moore, Marketing Consultant

“As you know it is very difficult to train pharmacists and pharmacy assistants in their retail stores. There are continual interruptions and you often need your representatives to do 3 or 4 trainings per pharmacy. Invida has been working with UnityHealth using iTherapeutics for 18 months and the results have been very encouraging. We know who has been trained, the results are validated and the reporting system is invaluable. If you are looking for a better way to train the knowledge hungry pharmacy personnel you will go a long way to find a more effective option than UnityHealth.“

Here's what our members have to say about iTherapeutics:

Kerry Ingram, Pharmacy Assistant
Stirling Chemmart, SA.

“Thanks for the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. I like discovering that I really do remember extra points about products when I am talking to customers in the pharmacy. The information is easy to understand and the website is well set out. Thanks again......also for the movie tickets which was a real bonus!“

Jennifer Kennedy, Pharmacist
Priceline Pharmacy Cairns Central, QLD.

“I really enjoy the flexibility and quality of the programs offered. It is great to find educational modules on so many different products located together. Keep up the great work.“

Todd Rogers, Pharmacy Assistant
Think Aspley, QLD.

“Excellent way of bringing training to the pharmacy assistant at a time best suited to them. Fantastic links to IMgateway- I'm doing a lot of reading and learning. Thanks very much.“

Laura O'Keefe, Pharmacy Assistant
Mayo's Pharmacy, NSW.

“This website is fantastic, the modules are quick and easy to complete with helpful information, it definitely makes it easier when recommending these items to customers.“

The Team


Miriam Ronagh

General Manager-Client services


Maria Lynton

Client Services-Project Manager


Marta Mariczky

Office Administrator


Sai Chalermsan

Senior Graphic/Digital Designer


Han Jiang

Graphic/Digital Designer/Social Media


Oliver Boskovski

System Architect


Franco La Scala

Lead Developer


Mike Marsicano

Customer Service


Lisa De Fazio

Customer Services