Key information at your fingertips

Through an innovative and intuitive interface you can see your business performance in a clear and easy - to understand way, wherever you are (providing you have internet access). Never be caught by surprise again because with iRTherapeutics, the information is no longer too complicated, nor too difficult to make sense of, and available when and where you need it.

Reasons to consider iRTherapeutics

  • Increase revenue by better informed decisions on sales
  • Saving money by managing inventory, pricing and suppliers
  • Increase retail sales through improved sales intelligence and optimise store format to create new customer demand
  • Improved customer service through product knowledge and availability at your fingertips
  • Your package that provides key business data to embrace the challenges and opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry

KPI Dashboard

  • Current Month vs. Last Month
  • Current Quarter vs. Last Quarter
  • Selected Month – Revenue, Margin, Baskets, Items Sold
  • Sales Margin
  • Revenue by Top 5 Suppliers
  • Sales Margin by Top 5 Suppliers

Brand and Store Analysis

This area provides you with the information around revenue and profit by FTE and Store.

It also provides a quick and easy view across a calendar of how the business performed in relation to Total Price.
You can also see a percentage comparison between the different areas of your business.

Financial Analysis

Breakeven, Cashflow and EBITA information on your business to ensure you are managing your finances effectively. To know your financial position at any given time is imperative in business whether large or small. The ability to understand this information without being an Accountant allows you to make decisions in a far more timely, efficient and business effective manner.

Retail Products

Keep on top of your loyalty and coupon redemption data , understand which suppliers are providing you with the most sales, and know what categories are your best performers. All of this helps you to provide more of what your customers are looking for which results in you getting more sales. The businesses that succeed today are the ones that can change and adapt to the environment around them. The best way to achieve this is through current and accurate information at your fingertips.