The Integrative Medicine Gateway, owned and developed by UnityHealth, is a unique information resource for health professionals. By collaboratively working with reputable and independent organisations, the IMgateway technology disseminates quality information, research and education on evidence-based complementary and conventional medicine.

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Since its inception, IMgateway's editorial board has received no financial support from any pharmaceutical or manufacturing companies.

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Regularly updated information by a team of experts.


An authoritative and evidence-based resource for healthcare professionals since 2001.


A trusted resource already utilised by over 9,000 health care professionals from various groups and organisations including: -

  • University of Sydney, School of Pharmacy and Medicine.

  • Regional GP Training Providers.

  • The medical staff at the Epworth Healthcare group.

  • The Australasian Integrative Medicine Association.

  • The Australian Natural Therapists Association.

  • Hospital and Retail Pharmacists


  • Information from over 700 medical and complementary medicine journals, summarised into clear, concise monographs (documents).

  • 3,000 pages of information on numerous conditions, supplements, drugs and nutrient depletions.

  • 700 pages on supplement-drug, herb-drug and food-drug interactions, brought to you in partnership with the University of Sydney, School of Pharmacy.

  • Over 100 new Patient Information Sheets on a broad range of conditions, herbs, supplements and treatment options.

  • e-Learning modules on a range of products and conditions, reviewed by an expert editorial committee for relevance, quality and accuracy.

Medical editorial and advisory committee

Dr Janet Wale

(Consumer Information) Pharmacologist, Cochrane Collaboration Consumer Network

Dr Lily Tomas

President Australasian Integrative Medicine Association

Dr Ruth Edwards

Practising Integrative General Practitioner for over 16 years

Ms. Tania Wells

Practicing Naturopath for over 15 years, Researcher, Senior Lecturer and Educator in Integrative Medicine

Ms. Miriam Ronagh

Qualified Dietician and Senior Industry Consultant in Complementary Medicine for over 15 years

Ms. Catheline McCoy

Practicing Naturopath in Private Practice

Ms. Olga Ischenko

Naturopath, Southern School of Natural Therapies, Melbourne; Senior Health Program Officer, Macedon Ranges and North Western Melbourne Medicare Local

Professor Basil Roufogalis

University of Sydney, School of Medicine

Professor Andrew McLachlan

University of Sydney, School of Pharmacy

Michael Dolton

Pharmacist and PhD candidate at University of Sydney, School of Pharmacy